Pizza Sauce

Pizza Sauce Thumb

—Guaranteed to make any pizza delicious!!—

To Create!  (Click on any ingredient to be linked to our favorite brand)


1.  Blend 6 cloves of fresh garlic

2. Add slowly: 1 cup light-flavored oil and continue to blend

3. Add 1 can (10 oz) of Rotel®, 1 can (6 oz.) tomato paste, and ½ cup water

4. Blend until smooth

Spread this on a delicious Aussie Bakery pizza crust and create your very own gourmet pizza with all your favorite toppings!


6 comments on “Pizza Sauce

  1. Lil Hibdon on said:

    Thanks for the excellent pizza topping recipe. We buy your pizza crusts to use since we live in Uvalde and do not get to come into San Antonio that often. When we do we always come to visit and have a wonderful meal.

    • Glad you like it, Lil! We’re glad we can feed you well when you’re in town, but it’s great you use the recipes when you’re not! Keep following us–we release a new recipe each month. And I’m pretty excited about November’s recipe–just in time for Thanksgiving! P.S. let us know if you have any suggestions for recipes, or other allergies that we can help you work with.

  2. Crystal on said:

    Is this the actual pizza sauce you guys use at the cafe? We were visiting yesterday and loved the sauce that was on the pizza! What kind of oil is used there? Thanks!

  3. Does the Rotel make it spicy? This is for my kiddos. Also, what vegan cheese do you use?

    • Hi Yummyfied! The Rotel doesn’t make it spicy at all–in fact if we do get any complaints it’s that it’s too mild! But you can always use just chopped tomatoes instead if you don’t want to have any chiles. As for the vegan cheese, we love Daiya. It’s the closest we’ve come to “real” cheese, plus it’s free of dairy AND soy! :-) Check it out: http://us.daiyafoods.com/. Happy Baking!

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