Accessorize Your Ice Cream: 6 Creative Toppings!

We posted our signature dairy-free and soy-free ice cream recipe last summer, and since then have eaten more than our fair share of ice-cream treats.  We’ve experimented with some fun toppings, and today we’ll share some of our favorites.  All of these recipes come from some of our fellow food bloggers, so if you like what you see, please be sure to follow their blogs, too!  Read the descriptions below for details of the ingredients and allergens in each recipe.  Click on a photo to go to the original recipe!

1-Popcorn Ice Cream with Salted Butter Caramel Sauce, from “Cook Like a Champion” — Who ever though of popcorn on ice cream?!  We thought it was a bit strange, too.  Until we tried it, that is!  This one is heavy on the milk and cream, so watch out if you have dairy sensitivities.  Or, use the popcorn-in-cream technique with a dairy-free ice cream recipe.

2-DIY Hard Shell Ice Cream Topping, from “Skip to my Lou” — If you’ve never seen this magic chocolate shell, you’ve been missing out!  The best thing about this recipe is that it can be tailored to fit your food sensitivities, depending on what brand of chocolate chips you choose.

3-Hazelnut Brittle Topping, from “The Little Aussie Bakery” — OK, we admit it; here’s some shameless self-promotion.  But honestly, brittle of any kind is a great ice cream topping.  And this one only has two ingredients!

4-Dairy-Free Caramel Sauce (aka “Liquid Gold”), from “Allergy Free Alaska” — This recipe is definitely deserving of its name!  Smooth, creamy, and so deliciously divine.  Oh, and did we mention it’s dairy-free?

5-Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream Topping, from “Brown Eyed Baker” — There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than fresh ice cream smothered generously in fresh fruit.  Except maybe when it’s smothered in your very own, homemade strawberry sauce!  Only three ingredients!

6-Gluten-Free Rainbow Sprinkles, from “BraveTart” (photo by Sarah Jane Sanders) — Not only are these sprinkles allergy-friendly, they’re also just plain gorgeous!  We love that we can create any color that matches our mood.  There’s even a vegan version of the recipe!

Popcorn on Ice Cream Hard Shell Ice Cream Topping Hazelnut Brittle Dairy Free Caramel Sauce Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream Topping Rainbow Sprinkles

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  1. Thanks again for sharing my “Liquid Gold” recipe! I’m honored to be featured among these other yummy recipes! I will share the link to this post on Facebook tomorrow! 😉 Megan

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    I wanna thank you for publicing this fantastic information. Keep up the great job. I’ll subscribe to your website also. thanks!

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